If you still need more options, then you can use the following guide to go through many reviews of some of the best bluetooth adapter for pc gaming.

Windows 10 Bluetooth USB Adapter

Our first product on the list is a wireless USB adapter for windows 10. It comes with Bluetooth 4.0 EDR version. Some of the features you enjoy with the affordable price are;

Once you connect the adapter to PC, laptop or other non-Bluetooth devices having Windows 10, your device becomes Bluetooth enabled.

With the auto-installation driver feature, once the device gets plugged in, all drivers will be installed automatically on your PC — no need to install the driver by yourself.

It is a multipurpose device. Connect your PC wirelessly to Bluetooth headphones, stereo speakers for music and Skype calls. You can also connect your PC to mobile devices. Enjoy gaming on PC while controlling it on your device.

Connect your Bluetooth enabled device with a range of other tools like keyboard, mouse, printers, projectors, Xbox. But you need to install specific drivers for various games and apply configuration software.

Experience a working range of adapter approximately 10m / 30 feet in the open air.

  • Bluetooth 4.0 EDR version.
  • It is economical.
  • Convenient charging
  • It has Bluetooth Low Energy protocol support.
  • Do not work with Windows 7, 8, XP, and Vista.
  • It does not work with PS4 and X-box one.

Avantree Leaf Bluetooth Adaptor

Specifically designed long-range USB Bluetooth adapter with high quality and low aptX latency, this is only suitable for audio transmission. So it indicates that devices like keyboard, mouse, game controller can not connect with it. And can be used for transferring data.

Enable your device audio through Bluetooth. Connect with Mac, PS4, Nintendo Switch gaming console, and enjoy audio streaming, while playing games.

Low aptX technology reduces the time of Bluetooth synchronicity. Gives quality sound transmission in a short time.

Featured with Class 1 technology gives you long-range transmission. Transmission range is up to 60 ft / 20 m with no interference. So you don’t need to sit at one place while gaming.

Don’t worry about installing drivers. Plug-in the adapter and turn on the connecting device and enjoy the amazing audio experience. Moreover, with leaf adapter simultaneously enjoy your gaming and voice streaming.

  • It has a long-range transmission.
  • No driver needed.
  • The cost is high.
  • Is suitable for audio transmission only.

Avantree DG40S USB Bluetooth

Use this multipurpose USB adapter to turn your non-Bluetooth laptop or PC into Bluetooth capable device. It can work for Windows 10 / 8 /7, Vista and XP. Plug, play and enjoy gaming on the PC. You can also transfer data through it.

Bluetooth compatibility with multiple windows (10 / 8 / 7), Vista and XP windows and XP devices. Not compatible with Mac, Linux, TV, and car stereo.

For multiple usages, connect with speakers, headphones, and wireless stereo music streaming devices with Bluetooth enabled the feature. Do Skype calls, Google handouts and data transfer, all with the single device.

Vast range device connectivity: With the plugged in adapter connect PC to keyboards and mouse (more than 2.4 G), printers and projectors. Not compatible with Xbox, one gaming controller, and Nintendo gaming consoles.

No driver installation: plug in the adapter and it will auto-install drivers for windows 10 and 8*. But for window 7, Vista and XP install the driver from the CD.

The working range is 10 m/ 30 feet in the open air.\ Get a warranty of 24 months on the purchase of this product

  • The price is quite economical.
  • Connect with more than one device.
  • Most of the customers have positive reviews about the working of the product, and they are quite satisfied with the operation.
  • Not compatible with Mac.
  • Work functionality decreases with usage between different devices.

Microsoft Xbox Adapter Review

Enjoy unlimited gaming with new and improved technology wireless controller for Xbox and Windows 10.

Connect the adapter with window 10 PC and Xbox controller.\ It also has cable for extending USB for increasing access while connecting to PC.

Easy and straightforward use for high-quality sound and chat.

  • Connect about 8 controllers at a time.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • The price is quite high.

Wireless WiFi Bluetooth Adapter Review

With the new Wifi feature, it is best suited for online gaming, high-quality video, and music streaming. The device is exceptionally efficient in transferring data at a rate of 150MB/s. It has an additional antenna support feature for faster and stable working. Enjoy gaming indoor within the range of 50 and 150m in open space.

Wifi works with windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista, while Bluetooth feature is compatible with only windows 7/8/8.1/10. Bluetooth does not work with Vista and Xbox.

Once you plug in the device, it automatically installs the drivers with the flash of blue light, an indicator for working of the adapter. So you don’t need to worry about the additional workload.

Equipped with Realteck TRL7823Bu Chip technology and 802.11 a/b/g/n network connectivity, it provides a transmission rate of 150MB/s, which is approximately 2.4 GHz. Enjoy extra fast gaming experience.

The device has a 4.0 EDR Bluetooth version to connect your device wirelessly with PC, Smartphone, iPad, tablet, and speaker. Keyboard, mouse, printer, and projector with Bluetooth feature can also connect with it.

It comes with safety features. With 64/128-bit WEP encryptions connects and use your device in even different rooms.

User-friendly, compact, stylish, and small design for connecting with Wifi routers. It comes with a CD drive. Use it indoor or in open space and easily carry it with you anywhere.

You get money-back guarantee within 60 days of purchase while lifetime technical support is always available. The company gives 100% feedback response on quality issues.

  • Dual connectivity features.
  • Available in economical price.
  • Enhanced quality signal receiving and transmission.
  • Users might have a problem with the antenna.

Asus Wireless Bluetooth Adapter

If you want an enhanced Bluetooth connectivity device PCE-AC55BT from ASUS electronics it the right choice for you. The USB adapter has 4.2 Bluetooth version for PC connectivity. The device has 1200 AC Wifi connectivity.

If you are gaming online, it can help you enjoy the fast gaming experience. With high-speed, wireless internet of AC 1200 connectivity connect your device and controller and go for the extensive gaming experience.

The device gives you little streaming time and high-speed gaming experience.\ The adapter has enhanced 4.2 Bluetooth technology. Plugin the adapter in PC for enabling Bluetooth connectivity and start browsing.

Moreover, it has an external antenna which better perceives the signal and transmits them. It helps give you fast streaming and online gaming.\ It gives you better working under 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz frequency.

  • Enhanced Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Antenna for improved signal transmission.
  • The device has multiple connecting parts.
  • An antenna might be problematic for some users.